Movie Review: ‘Breaking Point: The War for Democracy in Ukraine’

Movie Review

The first line of the Ukrainian national anthem resonates with their resilience “Ukraine has not yet died.” This vigour surfaces throughout the fierce documentary “Breaking Point,” silhouetting Ukraine and its effervescent conflict with Russia. For a land often roosted on the fringe of collapse, mere endurance calls forth for carousing.

Directed by Mark Jonathan Harris and Oles Sanin, the film dawns with a conspectus of history that has replicated itself for centuries with invaders plundering Ukraine for its resources and geography, and the contemporary era is nothing different.

Since its independence in 1991 from the Soviet Union, Ukraine has been crushed under frequent coercion from Russia, and Crimea was soon annexed in 2014.

Soviet Union

Breaking Point is a full-fledged revolution spearheaded by ordinary citizens. They were all normal men and women lacking a military background, yet were determined in their decision. What was so unique about their decision?

They were ready to renounce their safety, stability, and even familial love and stand united in their decision to preserve their country’s freedom. They were never prepared to be soldiers; instead, the war was their conscious choice – an inevitable exploit.

They were engaged in combat with their quintessential oppressor, Vladimir Putin. His mission was to sow seeds of chaos in Ukraine and gradually abrade the conviction of an independent and unified national identity of Ukraine – a sinister ideology.

The filmmakers furnish harrowing footage: of civilian rallies immersed in bloodshed and bloody riots. The military battles resonate with the whizzing of bullets, and the clamour of the explosion shook the cameras. The exceptionally fierce volunteer soldiers of Ukraine ought to be celebrated.

Another daunting occurrence was Russia’s worldwide fake news campaign; this facilitated the expansion of contradictory reports and Russia friendly propaganda. The Russians are shrewd with a better understanding of Western media than the Westerners.

Western media

They knew what exactly to do and manipulated the short attention span of Western media. Reality can be annihilated by disinformation; the Russians, with their mastery in this, have been successful in creating a parallel reality.

This documentary presents a comprehensive approach with accurately placed occurrences in Maidan connected to Russia’s annexation of Crimea and its exploitative infringement of remaining Ukraine.

An engaging resolve with the amalgamation of verité footage and reflective interviews. The breaking point is not merely a history lesson, with the diabolic Russian President Vladimir Putin, who not only benefit from the utter chaos, thereby sending troops, instead also unbridled a disinformation campaign.

The documentary culminates on an uneasy note. This is because of the ongoing hostilities that persist with Russia; at the same time, Ukraine ventures to restore. But a Herculean task because of the dark past still looming on the horizon, it is tricky to bet on a brilliant future.