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Get Yourself A Pollution-Free Environment With Smart Films.

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Smart Films- the new way of adjusting light

The world is changing, and every day we come up to witness many new technological products. Every item capable of making our jobs easier. From giving our dogs food to opening the windows of our homes, almost everything has changed to automatic work using smart technologies. One such Brilliant is the Smart film. It is also called a switchable film or smart glass malaysia that can adjust the light transmission between the transparent and opaque objects using AC power. At earlier times, people used to make smart glasses with these films due to the moisture resistance. But now, there has been a substantial improvement in the moisture resistance. It helps to directly install the screens on the existing windows using special glues. You can adjust the light and also block the UV rays and infrared rays. You can use these for advertising purposes as well.

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How to install Smart Films?

The installation process of these Smart Films is pretty easy and straightforward. But you must use the right materials and techniques for the purpose.

  • Equipements- You will require self-adhesive smart films, window scraper, hard rubber roller, felt edged squeegee, nitrile gloves, lint-free cleaning clothes, liquid glass polish, some cable string. You will require IPA wipes, non-metallic cover trims, and some more materials for its installation.
  • First, you will clean the glass with glass polish and lint-free cloth. Then place the film in a flat area and remove the dust. Then remove the first 100mm of the protective liner that you applied to the self-adhesive cling layer.
  • Now, align the Smart film’s busbar edge with to the top of glass and position the whole screen. Then pull away from the liner from the cling surface and allow it to adhere to the glass.
  • Use the squeegee to work out the small bubbles o the edges of the film. Now, you can solder the electrical cables to the mesh tags. Once you do this, you can remove the outer protective liner. Start from the corner for removing it effectively.
  • Now you can adhere to the strip of narrow clear double-sided adhesive tape along the top of the film.

As it is pdlc smart glass, it is better if the soldering portion is done by an electrician to avoid any harmful accidents.


Advantages of Smart films and glasses

With the increase in the number of smart technologies, the benefits of these are also widening. You can use these Smart films as a great style statement. It also blends extremely well into the environment. Even if you want some privacy, they will do the required job. You can use your voice command or even button press for its activation with a virtual home assistant. It is easy to use and maintain these films as there no need for extreme care for these glasses. Be it your office, home, schools, hospitals, or any other place. These films will do their work on every building that you want. It is pretty affordable and also offers a brilliant luxury lifestyle and pollution-free environment.