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Interested In Smart Film Application In Office? Read About It Here

Every new technology gets divided into two categories; it’s either a hit or a miss, and there are no in-between. But before we talk about smart film application in office and residence, let’s understand what smart film is and the benefits of using it.

Prestop Video Wall Touchscreens

Firstly, what is a smart film?

The smart film often commonly gets known as a switchable film. It gets used to adjust the lighting transmission employing Alternate Current (AC) between opaque and transparent. Initially, the process got used to producing capacitive touch screen smart glass, utilizing only the lamination principle due to its sensitivity to moisture. However, as times and technology changed and improved, the third and most recent versions can get installed straightforwardly on the device. It gets possible with the help of an advanced adhesive or special glue. Several different features also got included, such as advertising, security, UV blocking, light adjustment, and infrared blocking.

As the technology is somewhat new, several features are getting added and experimented with to make it more efficient and usable. The majority of the applications get operated using acrylic, polycarbonate laminates, and acrylic and a voltage of 110 V. 

What are the benefits of using Smart film?

  • Privacy- The applications of using green touch products smart film are versatile, allowing a person to use it in offices and organizations, and residences, which means you can choose to keep the work private or public as you wish.
  • Saves energy- Smart film uses environmental and natural light to laminate and perform other tasks and features, which means you will be saving quite a lot of artificial energy and light you would otherwise have to use.
  • UV protection- The most recent development in Smart film came with a UV protection feature, which meant that the machine wouldn’t get damaged even if it used natural light; the machine wouldn’t get damaged and continue to work fine.
  • Temperature control- Every lamination technique requires a different temperature to get filmed accurately, which why smart film comes with the feature of allowing the user to control the temperature as per material and use.
  • Flexible- Unlike the initial application on laminating on glass, the recent development enables it to support lamination on several materials and will allow them to adapt according to their work.

What are the applications of the smart film?

The smart film has both work and residential applications. Let’s talk about the smart film application in residential first.

  • Glass curtain
  • Bathroom compartment 
  • Sunshine house

When out of use, it will be opaque or translucent, and when in use, it can make the room flood with natural light.

Commercial smart film application:

  • Conference rooms
  • Energy saving
  • Glass wall

These applications are similar to those of residential applications, but they can get used in a commercial setting and act as a projection screen when not in use.

These are not the only applications, but most of them work pretty much the same. However, several new developments keep getting added as technology advances.